Operations & Logistics

Renewals & Billing efforts

Renewal and billing promotions

  • Evaluate current renewal and billing series by source and effort to determine effectiveness and efficiency to the P&L per sub level. 
  • Work with fulfillment division to schedule mailings and ensure that timing, messages, offers and packages are as effective as possible. 
  • Investigate, recommend and execute the testing or changing of packages, messages, offers, timing, number of efforts and possible new renewal sources where testing is appropriate. 
  • Monitor renewal and billing response/profitability to identify new trends, and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses by effort to maximize effectiveness of series. 
  • Monitor inventory of stock components and project future volumes for purchasing purposes. 
  • Be primary liaison with the fulfillment division in all renewals and billing matters.

Fulfillment Management

Fulfillment customer service

  • Create all necessary parameters for the subscriber file including source definitions and policies. 
  • Periodically review customer service policies and monitor correspondence and subscriber inquiries. 
  • Update weekly and monthly fulfillment schedules including label runs, billing and renewal mailings, end of month dates for financial reports. 
  • Manage activities of fulfillment operation acting as primary liaison for all fulfillment functions as they relate to the various subscription promotions.

Print Orders

Print order instructions

  • Based on data received from the fulfillment operation, newsstand distributors and other appropriate departments, we will prepare the print orders for review and approval by the Publisher. 
  • Distribute the print orders to the bindery with specific circulation instructions such as coding and placement of subscription insert cards, shipments to promotional events, etc.

Postal Requirements & Audits

Postal requirements and audits

  • As soon as the magazine‚Äôs circulation qualifies, we will apply for the USPS Periodicals postage permit for reduced mailing costs and expedited delivery. 
  • Compile and file the Statement of Ownership annually, as required by the USPS for Periodicals class postal qualification.

Circulation Audits

Circulation Audits

  • When appropriate, or when the magazine reaches a target circulation level, apply for membership to an auditing organization such as AAM or BPA. 
  • Manage the initial audit process. 
  • Prepare, review and file all subsequent semi-annual Publisher Statements. 
  • Supervise yearly audits for accuracy and compliance.


Analytical Reporting

  • Complete package of reports to highlight current and YTD circulation performance and metrics to the P&L per net subscription level. 
  • Management user-friendly one page summaries, by source or campaign - our reports are comprehensive without being overwhelming. 
  • Weekly reports on active campaigns. 
  • Monthly management reports and promotional analysis reports for other sources of business.